Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow Under Covers – 6 Most Common Reasons

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Has your dog’s snuggling led to you asking why do Chihuahuas burrow under covers? If yes, then this feature has all the answers you need!

Chihuahuas have a lot to recommend them. They’re cute, like cuddling, and have a playful temperament. However, Chi parents can sometimes find themselves concerned about their pets’ absences. Only to see their dogs sheltered deep underneath blankets or covers. 

Burrowing is such a common phenomenon among Chihuahuas that many owners take to the internet to discover the reason behind it. If you’ve been battling your curiosity about your furball’s sudden likeness for covers – you’re at the right place!

Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow At All? 

To understand why your canine likes to burrow and hide in tight spaces – you’ll have to take a little walk down memory lane. Back when humans hadn’t learned the fine art of domestication, your furbaby’s wolf ancestors used to thrive in the wild. 

These wolves had all the instincts of a predator – including the survival instinct. So, whenever the wolves were under threat by another animal, it was normal for them to seek out tight corners for shelter – where they were safe. It was also natural for these animals to seek out caves or little burrows in the earth to spend nights in to keep safe from hunters on the prowl. 

Pet experts claim that the love modern-day canines have for burrowing under covers and blankets has been passed down to them by their progenitors. The instinct to burrow isn’t limited to Chihuahuas – most dogs will have the same reaction, given the right circumstances. 

So, the next time you spot a Chihuahua-under-blanket situation, rest assured that your pet isn’t doing something out of the ordinary. 

6 Answers To Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow Under Covers

We’ve cracked the mystery behind what triggers Chihuahuas to snuggle under covers, but what about specific reasons? Don’t worry, that’s what this section is about. We’ve compiled 6 of the most standard reasons relating to why do chihuahuas like to bury themselves under blankets, and here’s what they are – 

1. Feeling The Chill

Some canines are built to battle winter’s chill. But, Chihuahuas that hail from the ancient Aztec empire aren’t exactly equipped to deal with dipping temperatures. They don’t have enough body fat or fur to tide them through anything under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. And that’s why one of the most common reasons behind burrowing among Chis is – feeling cold

If you catch your furbaby under covers all the time in winters, it’s likely your canine is having difficulties maintaining its body heat. Try investing in some weather-specific doggy clothes to help your Chihuahua beat the cold wave. 

2. Anxiety

Chihuahuas have a bit of a reputation when it comes to feeling nervous. They’re somewhat edgy naturally, thanks to their super-sonic metabolism. Add to that the fact that sometimes it’s a little too easy for your pet to feel anxious or afraid, and you’ll realize that sometimes Chis like to burrow to ward off unease. 

For instance, if there are fireworks or an extremely boisterous party going on in your home – it shouldn’t surprise you to see your pet snuggled up under the blanket, trying to calm its nerves. 

3. Settling For A Nap

Have you ever rolled around on the bed trying to find just the right position to help you snooze? If yes, then you won’t have trouble believing that sometimes Chis like burrowing under covers because they’re getting all comfy for a nap. It’s just your furbaby’s idea of relaxing before a well-earned snooze fest.

 why do chihuahuas like to bury themselves under blankets

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4. Cuddle-Time

If you’re looking for a companion canine, then you can’t do much better than a Chihuahua. These little fluff balls form a deep and meaningful bond with their owners and aren’t afraid to show love. 

That’s also why if your Chi cuddles under the blanket while you’re in there, too – your pet is trying to show you affection. At times, Chihuahuas will choose to snuggle under your covers because they bear your signature scent, and it makes your pet feel safe. That’s pretty adorable, right?

5. When Feeling Under The Weather

Another plausible answer to the question why do Chihuahuas Burrow Under Covers is that your pet may be feeling ill. Generally, dogs will prefer their own company when they’re not well and like to wander off to be on their own. It’s not uncommon to find your canine burrowed under tables or in corners when it’s feeling under the weather. Similarly, your Chihuahua may be seeking solace by snuggling under the covers if it’s coming down with something. 

6. Habit

Your pet Chi may be often found hidden under the covers because it not likes it there but has developed a habit of burrowing in that spot. Dogs are creatures of habit, and once they figure out what they like, they tend to stick to it. That’s why, if your Chihuahua has been a blanket snuggler for some time, it’s burrowing simple because it’s a habit. 

Is It Safe For Chihuahuas To Burrow Under Covers

Generally, dogs are pretty self-sufficient. So, if your dog feels overheated or out of air while staying under covers or blankets – it’ll wiggle itself out of the situation. However, if your blanket is too heavy or if your Chihuahua is a really deep sleeper – it’s not a good idea to let your dog stay under the cover for too long. 

If you’ve tried stopping your furball from snuggling underneath blankets without much success – you can try one of two measures. One, fold up your blanket when you’re not using it, so your pet doesn’t have anything to burrow underneath. Or two, you can indulge your Chi’s love of burrowing by investing in a blanket that is size-appropriate according to your dog’s build. Also, make sure any blanket you buy is made from a breathable material, so there’s no danger of suffocation. 


There you have it, folks. We’ve made good on our promise of dog-splaining the love of burrowing under blankets. And, now we can only hope your curiosity is satisfied. There are plenty of reasons behind your Chihuahua choosing to nestle under covers. But it’s still always best to remain vigilant and keep checking on your pet while it’s snoozing under your blanket.

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